Hubby, dad, geek, autodidactic, expert generalist, creative technologist. Front end developer @ Universal Orlando Resort.




  • Working with crossfunctional teams to create stellar guest experiences (I wish I could share details but I'm bound by a NDA agreement).


  • Front Gate Web Application For Universal Orlando Team Members

    Role » Develop, implement, and execute in SharePoint using HTML, CSS, JS; and connect to content via REST API calls.

    » Design Production which entails extracting and/or building elements in Photoshop.

    » Project and timeline management.

  • Meetings & Events at Universal Orlando Resort

    Role » Design production and management, UI, UX, and project management.

  • Official Universal Orlando Resort App

    Role » Image retouching and workflow, UI/UX testing.

  • Responsive Email Templates

    Role » Developed the first responsive email templates for Youth Programs and Meetings & Events.


  • My stack: HTML, CSS, JS, jQ, Git.
  • I love to tinker with Unix, CSS/JS animations, Arduino, and canvas among other things.
  • Tools that I use: PencilCase, Axure, CodePen, After Effects, JSFiddle, and Git via Bitbucket.
  • I love to doodle, draw, and letter.
  • I have a healthy obssession with the arts and all things tech.
  • Love the outdoors.
  • I read about programming concepts, algorithms, logic, and technology among other subjects.
  • I love thinking, reasoning, learning, solving problems, and drawing analogies between different bodies of knowledge.
  • Logic, meditating, pondering, wondering, questioning, and curiosity are a big part of who I am. These characteristics have served me well in my 20+ years of experience in the creative field.
  • I began as a traditional animation major (i.e. hand drawn), but after Disney laid off the entire department, I switched to graphic design. I spent the better part of 20 years as a designer/illustrator/animator/artist. During that time I tinkered and taught myself how to code. Eventually I built enough experience that I was able to switch careers. Now I'm developing mobile prototypes and building experiences for guests and Team Members alike at Universal Orlando Resort.